The Mortgage Process
Five steps about the mortgage process to help you get started. Read this to know your financing options.
Real Estate Radio Today
Change of City Utilities
Transportation Information
8 Hot Design Trends with Big Pay Offs
Sellers should consider the trends that are going to be popular with homebuyers this year.
Is It time To Remodel...or Buy a New House?
Keeping up a home for 30 years may cost you up to four times its purchase price. I s it smarter just to buy another home every 10 years? Here's how to decide.
Update Your Older Windows
In older houses, faulty windows can account for 1/3 of the total heat loss in winter, and as much as 75% of interior heat gain in summer. Look for these signs that your windows have lost their effectiveness.
1031 Tax Deferred Exchange
A 1031 exchange, often referred to as a Starker exchange, is possible when you sell real estate held for investment purposes, allowing you to delay capital gains taxes.
Synthetic Stucco
Synthetic stucco or “EIFS” Exterior Insulating and Finishing Systems, has been a concern for many homebuyers, sellers and agents alike.
Wet Basements
If your inspector sites a wet basement or crawlspace, keep a cool head and listen carefully if he or she recommends further investigation.
Old Wiring
Knob and tube wiring is not necessarily dangerous. If installed properly, with the insulation in good condition and not abused with over splicing and connections, can provide many more years of reliable service.
Outlet Buttons - GFIs
The little buttons on electrical outlets marked as “test” and “reset” are specially designed to better protect people from electric shock than ordinary outlets.
Uplifting Experience (Trusses)
From a structural standpoint, it is not a major problem. But cosmetically, it may cause cracks and separations in the drywall.
Foundation Cracks
Here is a trick to help distinguish between a typical home with character and a structural problem.
Is It A Pool...Or A Money Pit?
Backyard swimming pools seem like the American dream, but they are pricey to maintain and fix. And they can actually hurt your resale value.
Glossary Of House Terms
An A through Z list of terms you should become familiar with.